Traveling in Chinese Towns in the USA

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With increased human interaction, there has been enormous cultural diversity not only in the USA but also the world at large. Many people travel all over the world in search of opportunities and end up being permanent residents of their new location. This has led to setting up of cities within cities as individuals would want to continue practicing their culture even in new locations of different cultural setting.

The Chinese to be specific have been settled in the United States since the 19th century when casual workers were needed for mining of the gold and setting up of the railway. Immigrants too soared up the population of the Chinese who came during the 19190s. All these factors put together led to the setup of China towns in the major states of USA and even within its cities. Many people travel to these Chinatowns mainly because of their culinary expertise. The urge to try new dishes or ingredients always play a major role when one takes a walk to these towns. There are many Chinatowns in the states and can be found in many areas which include;

New York City

There is buzzing Chinese presence in this place. Characterized by crowded tenement buildings, live markets, brightly colored vegetables and a countless hole in wall restaurants in the lower Manhattan neighborhood, there is clear evidence of diversity and different ethnic backgrounds. In the crowded streets of Chinatowns, the empire state building stands to the north and it feels like being in China itself. One can explore this place to know what it feels like.


This community has been settled at this place for more than a century and continues to grow. What propelled the influx of immigrants and more so the establishment of Chinatown in Chicago was the completion of the transcontinental railway in 1869. Among the good things in this place is the Lao Sze Chuan family restaurant with genuine, spicy dishes like dry chili chicken. The seafood at MingHin Cuisine is another better option. For a great adventure, the Chinese American Museum of Chicago has no substitute.

Traveling in Chinese Towns in the USA Chicago


A diverse culture of the Chinese, Japanese and others of Asian origin is clearly evident in the Chinatown international district of Seattle. Among the many stops, one can make is in Hing Hay Park which is known for hosting important cultural events same to Wing Luke Museum. For diverse choices of food, Uwajimaya Supermarket has everything of Asian origin. The dining can be done at Mike’s Noodle House with genuine wontons, congees, and noodles. This is a wonderful place to visit if you reside in Seattle.


Honolulu’s Chinatown not only consist of the Chinese but also the Korean, Thai, Filipino, and Japanese reside here. At daytime, the locals and tourists go through fruits and fish display with the vendors selling a variety of items. During the night, street events like parades make the area more lively and fun. Among the many dishes include the baked Managua, lotus root salad and much more. This can be a nice place to visit if one wants to experience cultural diversity, especially from Asia.

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