How to Travel to Chinese Town in the US

There are many Chinese towns in the United States. These states have a unique Chinese culture embedded in their everyday life. The United States has many cities and sub-cities which has a very good Chinese blood flowing through their veins. This is reflected in their way of life around which they make better decisions. These towns are bustling with everything Chinese. Some of the towns are New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. The purpose of this article is to bring to light one of the best modes of traveling to one of these major towns with a distinctive Chinese culture. The best town to explore for today is the San Francisco Chinatown.


The town is called Jiujinshan Tangrenjie and is among the biggest in the United States alone. The town is located on a major an avenue called the Street and Grant Avenue. Once you reach this great place, you will feel as if you have literally visited China itself. There is clearly everything Chinese. Being the oldest Chinatown in the entire United States, it basically carries a good number of Chinese cultures in it. Its trademark is the Gateway Arch that is located on the Grant Avenue. What’s even more interesting is that it is the largest China town outside China.


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Travelling to this town is simply a matter of planning and having time. Time would be the limiting factor since you cannot get enough of the sub-city. Since it served as a major entry point for most Chinese who wished to explore the United States it’s simply the best. The Chinese cuisine is very enriching to those who try is geographically adjacent to the North Beach around the bush is located to the south of San Francisco.

Its square mile geographical area is barely large. It is small enough to accommodate everyone who wishes to have a taste of the culture. Its postal zip codes are 94108 and 94133. Two of the major landmarks are the statue of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen and the Dragon gate. This was designed by great architects of the past who were Joseph Yee and Melvin Lee. This was an architectural design that was meant to accommodate the Chinese war veterans.

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The Stockton Street

The Stockton Street is another major tourist site. Despite receiving fewer visitors than its counterparts, it is very much of a photocopy of a Chinese town. Many people claim that it looks just like the great Hong Kong. This is due to its large number of fish markets and great restaurants. Portsmouth Square can’t be forgotten easily as it holds dear memories to those who pay the Chinatown a visit. You can park your car in the underground parking lot that is secure and holds the class that it is in its name. Its time zone is the Pacific UTC-8. Its area code is 415/628.


If you wish to experience the undeniably best culture in the world this is one place that should be on your list. The Chinese town ambiance that is in them is the best way to visit China without actually going to the country.

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