10 Best Chinatowns Across the USA

Chinatowns are the most amazing cities where you find everything is wonderful and magical, if you need enjoyable traveling to find the whole kinds of beauty you must travel Chinatowns across the USA, its cities are really adventurous you can find everything special you need is available. Chinatowns are established in the USA in 19 century because of the need of gold mining labors and railroad work but the population of the immigrants increased in 1990 to 2000s now there are 3 million Chinese in America. One-third of Chinese immigrants now living in the United States arrived in the 2000s; it doesn’t matter leaving China because of suffering from political reasons, poverty, famine or natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanoes whatever.

Chinese established a strong empire to can serve their civilization, patrimony and share identity and rich culture. These are strong reasons to attract tourists and ensure residents.

Around the world, there are Chinatowns in many major cities in Europe, Canada, and Mel born and of course, United States, many of these districts share their life with other immigrant cultures making sights and sounds and eating choices which are much stronger.

Chinatowns in USA which are considered incredible below we will explain some cities of Chinatowns in the USA which have its own special magic.

this is a picture of china town across the usa

San Francisco

Golden Gate City: officially is the cultural, commercial, and financial center of northern California, San Francisco was found on 1776, in California gold rush of 1849 brought rapid growth making it the largest city on west coast at the time which the most popular with golden gate bridge from marine Head Lands,

Also popular for tourists with its cool summer, fogs, steep rolling hills, electric mix of architecture and landmarks including golden gate bridge cable cars.

this is a picture of china town in california, great china towns across the usa

San Francisco is said to be the largest Chinese society beyond of Asia, in 1850 Chinese immigrants entered the town and increasing by centre of China culture; visitors and tourists will not be hopeless to produce fish markets, restaurants, and stores which is selling everything common and rare because of its location nearing the financial district although its narrow streets filled with more than 20 square blocks with colourful dcor and exciting old architecture. You must check Hang Ah Tea Room, egg tart at the golden gate bakery and classic human home restaurant.

New York City

Some things that you have to visit the sunset park or in Flushing, Queens also visit the massive Jing Fang restaurant


Welcome to visit American Museum of Chicago and some special shops like Ren Ten & Gin Seng co, Lao Sze Chan.


After immigration of Chinese they settled this community you must visit Hang Hay Park where mix cultural events.

this is a picture of china town in the usa

Other Chinatowns across the USA

  • Philadelphia
  • Honolulu
  • Boston
  • Los Angeles
  • Houston
  • Washington

Some Chinatowns are stronger increasing probable costs in these areas that cause unfortunately decreasing in city lodgers move to suburbs but for the cities that can achieve its identity and experience by special architecture, bold colors and magical music because of magical views in Chinatowns of other districts feel that they are visitors or tourists and this interesting thing.

Chinatowns are the rootedness, magic, and adventure. You also can find everything special you need.

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